Bubble Air Mattress

Bubble Air Mattress - Prevent Bed Sores Comfortably​

Available on Rent in Gurgaon​

Rent per day ₹ 17.00
Minimum Rental Value ₹ 500.00
Lock-in period 30 days

Refundable Deposit: ₹1500

Shipping Charges: ₹100 - ₹200 depending upon the location.

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*Images shown here are for illustration only. Actual product may differ. Standard rental terms & conditions applicable.

Key Features​

Anti-Decubitus Design

The Bubble Air Mattress features an anti-decubitus bubble system that helps prevent bedsores by evenly distributing pressure and maximizing comfort.​

Durable Material

Crafted with high-quality material, this air mattress is durable, puncture-resistant, and designed for long-term use.

Therapeutic Support

Experience therapeutic support through the innovative design of the Bubble Air Mattress, promoting circulation and providing relief for individuals prone to bedsores.


Comfort and Prevention

Enjoy unparalleled comfort while preventing bedsores with the Bubble Air Mattress's advanced design.


Made with quality material, this air mattress ensures lasting comfort and support.

Therapeutic Relief

Find relief and support for individuals at risk of developing bedsores, enhancing overall well-being and comfort.

Who Can Benefit from This

Elderly Individuals

Enjoy unparalleled comfort while preventing bedsores with the Bubble Air Mattress's advanced design.

Patients Recovering from Surgery

Those recovering from surgery can find comfort and support in the therapeutic design of this air mattress.

Individuals with Limited Mobility

Those with limited mobility or who are bedridden can benefit from the pressure-relieving properties of the Bubble Air Mattress.​

Why Choose Sinwar Medical Equipment? ​

Quality Assurance

Meticulously maintained and calibrated monitors for reliable performance.

Convenient Rental

Flexible rental options to fit your monitoring needs and budget.

Expert Support

Dedicated team to guide you through setup and usage.

Trusted Provider

Reliable and reputable medical equipment supplier in Gurugram.

FAQ - Renting the Bubble Air Mattress

Yes, rental services are available for the Bubble Air Mattress. Contact our customer service team for rental options, availability, and pricing.

We offer flexible rental terms, catering to both short-term and long-term needs. Contact our customer service team for detailed information.

 Depending on the rental duration and terms, a refundable deposit may be necessary. Reach out to our team for specifics on rental deposits.

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